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EOS - produced by Ben Christian, 2000, RRP $29.95 available in Australia from and in the US from

This video follows the travels of four of Australia's hottest young climbers through New Zealand on a 6 week roadtrip in late 1999. While it is difficult for me to remain impartial to this video (as I helped to film it!) it is simply one of the best bouldering videos ever filmed or produced. It certainly deserves to be ranked up there with The Real Thing, Hard Grit, Free Hueco or Bleu. Ben Christian has done a fantastic job on this, his debut video, with his use of multiple digital cameras, state-of-the-art editing techniques and funky Australian sounds (although he omitted the song titles from the video - doh!). With such an impressive debut you should definitely purchase this video and keep your eyes out for EOS 2 "Australian Bouldering" currently under production ...

Review by Tim O'Neill

Bouldering in the Balkans - published by Tim O'Neill, 1999, RRP $14.95 available from

What an unusual guide book, it seems to be designed for someone who isn't already familiar with the area! You could, like, look at the maps and find your way to all the areas and climbs without inventing new swear words (you only really learn to swear when you try and use a new guide book). Seriously, it's a pleasure to come across a guide which is accurate, rather than something which makes sense only on the fourth visit. The area offers varied bouldering that is spread out across a secluded river valley in suburban Sydney. About 200 problems, representing a wide range of styles, are described. Excellent!

Review by Mike Law appearing in Rock No. 42

Shut up & climb - produced by thrutch productions, 2000, RRP $US 19.95 available from

This video is described as a "no BS amalgamation of images from 1996 to the end of the century that pays homage to the spirit of bouldering ...". Translation, the footage is sometimes poor and there is little continuity. However, this in absolutely no way detracts from its quality and this raw, real-time capturing of the true essence of bouldering really works. You almost feel like you're there and sometimes wan't to shout "C'mon" or "I've got you" or something equally encouraging - better practice your american accents though!

It showcases California's areas such as the Tram, Pine Mountain and Black Mountain, Utah's Ibex and Joe's Valley, Texas' Hueco Tanks and France's Fontainebleau. There's Wills Young (with, without and with pony-tail), Aaron Shamy (lots of him - he even flashes Swiss Crisp Mix V10), Rob Mulligan (on the other side of the camera for a change), Thierry Plaud (one of the thousands of burly french dudes known as "bleausards") and many, many more. Klem Loskot even makes a cameo. An Australian highlight is that Garth Miller actually boulders on a US video for the first time and sends New Map of Hell V12. The soundtrack is very cool and matches the energy of the footage well. All in all an excellent addition to your library.

For the moment the video is only available in NTSC (American) format but it will be available in PAL (Europe/Australian) format soon. Check out for further details.


The Real Thing, Bleu, Rampage, West Coast Pimp, Big Up, Free Hueco, Evolution/Revolution, Hard Grit, Inertia, Fast Twitch ...